What to Expect from Tattoo Adelaide Professionals?

There are plenty of Adelaide tattoos professionals who will give you the much-cherished tattoo you have always dreamt of. They are skilled and ensure your tattoos are created using the highest degree of safety and hygiene. In order to get a tattoo, you should be at least 18 years of age. A valid photo identity proof is also required and there are usually no exceptions to this rule.

What is the price of a tattoo?

 The price for tattoo will depend upon how complex and unique the design is. Simple ones will cost less. However, the price of the tattoo will also depend on the time and experience of the tattooist. In short, the cost of a tattoo depends upon the amount of work needed to be done to create the tattoo. Some professionals ask you to visit them or if you have a particular design that you fancy, you can email it to them and get the price estimate immediately. This will help you to plan your tattoo budget.


Tattoo facts

Before getting your tattoo, you should never consume alcohol the day before. Before your appointment, it is important for you to rest well and drink lots of water. If you are bringing your own design, you should consult with the tattooist and see if it feasible to be done on you.

Smaller designs are simple however when it comes to larger customised designs; you need to check with the professional. The amount of pain varies from person to person. Initially for all, there is some discomfort. The procedure may be well described as a warm scratch. If you feel pain, always remember that your tattoo will last longer after the pain has subsided.

Aftercare of your tattoo

After you have received your tattoo, you should wash your hands and remove the bandage after 2 to 3 hours. The tattoo should be washed with warm water and traces of blood, spots and cream should be carefully removed. The professional will give you the name of the lotion you need to apply as aftercare. Before going to bed, apply the lotion and bandage the tattoo again. When you shower, gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel.

Never wipe or soak the tattoo or have a bath. When you go out, you should not expose your tattoo to sunlight. This should not be done until 2 weeks after the tattoo is healed. The time may take longer too. When your tattoo has healed, you should use sunscreen to stop fading. You should not go swimming in salt water, rivers and the like till all the scaling has fallen off. You should never apply Vaseline or lotions that have a lot of grease on your tattoo.

Lastly, you should wear loose-fitting clothes that will not rub against your tattoo. If you wear a tight fitting cloth, it may remove the protective skin on top of the tattoo. This also enhances the healing time and remove colour. Light and loose fitting clothes are the key!